My true wish is to share my experience with wild dolphins, sensitize people through the emotion range created by these close encounters and the inner transformations resulting from it.

When swimming in the blue ocean, it is vital to let the feeling of the dolphin flow, to allow him to create the contact and interact. The human connection is inextricably linked to the gaze, and you know this is true as well with dolphins once you have the eye contact that touches you deep within.
The dolphins sparkle a pure joy, develop unique attentional, social and behavioural abilities. And THAT pure sharing moment of harmonious dance, represents in my view a true symbolic vision of life.

Somehow an impressive majority of the persons that I had the chance to accompany and that had an encounter experience with wild dolphins, recognize a true life transformation, changes and new awareness animating them.

This is the kind of experience that I wish to play a part in, to spread around and explore today. All my energy is converging to reveal deeper bonds between humans and dolphins for a better mutual understanding of their social life and environment that will create more respect, protection and ethical care.
I truly believe that we protect better what we know better.

Pascal Bétrémieux

DOLHOM is inviting you to be one with the dolphin pod, to live and share a unique experience.

The intention of DOLHOM is to expand the knowledge about wild dolphins and their harmonious integration in their natural habitat, participate to intuitive projects for a better understanding of the amazing bonding between man and dolphin, share the experience of the encounters that can have a positive impact to humans and its perception of life on Earth, by emphasizing the pedagogical dimension and awareness if their protection.

« Live this symbiosis with dolphins is truly a deep and exceptional experience, a timeless door to open up, reconnect inside and outside, and experience unity with our environment. Somehow they sparkle joy, positive emotions, and a real happiness. Through DOLHOM, I wish to extend the life lessons felt along with them and highlight how humans can be inspired by the dolphins – and by extent all of the biodiversity – with what I named intuitive biomimicry, as well as recognizing synchronicities to be in harmony with oneself and all living beings on this blue planet. DOLHOM is the man inspired by the spirit of the dolphin » - Pascal Bétrémieux, founder of DOLHOM

What is « intuitive biomimicry » ?


Cruises 2018 - 7 days: Swim with wild dolphins in the Red Sea, Sataya (Egypt)

Thematic: « Aquanha – Live your true nature with the intuitive biomimicry among wild dolphins »
Dates 2018:
- 5th-12th May – FULL
- 16th-23rd June – Places available
- 25th August-1st September – Places available
Registration time: Recommended latest 3 months before the week of the trip.

With an ethical approach among wild dolphins in their home, DOLHOM invits you during this cruise to be part of the dolphin pod in the Red sea, to learn consciously all possible lessons swimming next to dolphins, and developing senses with the environment and nonverbal communication forms.
Any intrusive conduct is carefully avoided as we will feel the welcoming moment. This experience both individual and collective, will deeply touch each participant differently to live its own transformation at its natural pace of integration, with a consciousness filled of the evidence to protect oceans and their legitimate inhabitants.
Details of the cruise
For the registration and details of the adventure, you can contact Karin Estoppey, by going to the website Dolphin Lagoon

Expedition in Mauritius Island: A memorable encounter with sperm whales

Date : March 2018

Project Trip at Churchill – Canada / July 2017 : encounters with belugas

Project trip, encounters with belugas, 2017 (Churchill, Canada)




« Intuitive biomimicry » : An aquatic inspiration on Earth

…is an aquatic inspiration on Earth in our contemporary Life,
oriented towards the freedom of our quest to find our true nature.
Aquanha is meant to represent a window into discovery and knowledge through
one of the four elements that is Water, covering 71% of our Planet,
dolphins and by extension of every aspect of life surrounding us.

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Swimming with wild dolphins in Sataya with Pascal opened my heart, re-connected myself with my soul and my feminity.
I was part of a « free » dolphin pod and dived into a crystal sea, filled with unconditional love.
(…) His sensitivity touched us and we naturally wish to swim with him in the deep blue sea, to be part of the marine mammal family to which he truly have a caring passion for.
Sharing with him such magical encounters was a true blessing and I do wish everyone to share such a joyful experience.

Claudia B.

Lens, Switzerland

Sataya lagoon has this intense and magical energy… But the encounter with the dolphin is really an extraordinary journey itself. To see and feel these amazing beings so close sparkled wonders and an immense excitement.(…) I have carved in my memory this very special moment with one adult dolphin. Kind of disconcerting, he stood still in front of me like standing vertically like me, and staring at me like scanning me though from head to toes.
The gift from life was that particular day where, I was swimming next to Pascal. (…) That moment lasted a few seconds but I truly felt it like a timeless connected moment. As if he knew that I came here to meet him right there. My heart was pounding wildly and I found myself placing my hands to my heart. (…) I will never forget it as since that day, my vision of life totally changed. I will come back very soon as I know now that they guide wisely my understanding of life, love and joy. I am truly myself when being with them…

Marlyse N.

Lausanne, Switzerland

I came to encounter sea creatures from the sea. And I actually ended up discovering beings of a « different world », that helped me opening up to myself and to others, like I never felt before.
(…) Among the dolphins, I felt my heart beating intensely, like expanding and filling with joy. An intense joy that was bonding myself with of the human pod present in Sataya.
Pascal guided me through this discovery of a different world of Love. A world were it felt all connected naturally, and where I was conscious of existing and be part of a whole, the big blue. There is no words to describe it. Dolphins had me finding myself on this path of life…

Mireille D.

Lausanne, Switzerland



During a trip in Mexico in 2010, Pascal Bétrémieux had this moment with fate when encountering the dolphins that would change his life.
This intense and magical moment transformed him in many ways, shaking the emotional core, a new paradigm of understanding on the human, his ways of communication and place in this world.

Dolphins bring us back to a fundamental and essential state. Crossing their swim is an invitation to a new awareness.

« Since my first moment among dolphins, all synchronicities of my path have converged pieces of a giant puzzle. A journey that has vanished dark thoughts out of my spirit, mind wandering that has limited my perceptions of life events. And just out of a timeless moment as part of dolphins pods, I had recognized their gift to ease the mind, doubts, present disconnected thoughts to let the intense and natural joy out.
How our consciousness, our brain and memory works can be so fluent , and still today deeply studied as a complex mechanism from a wide range of sciences to figure out the types and layers of codes. »
underlines Pascal Bétrémieux.

Pascal likes to quote this inspiration from the Persian poet Rumi, simple and yet rich of deep knowledge: « You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop ».

In 2015, Pascal Bétrémieux decided to create DOLHOM to share this outstanding experience, give humanity a chance to connect with nature, and at the same time better understand wild dolphins and their world, know them to feel the positive impact they have on humans.
Out of these numerous insights, awakened in him the natural drive to raise awareness on the respect and preservation of their freedom and environment.




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