My vision is of an intuitive world to live synchronicity, learn through action and share some projects with heartful life experiences with the great diversity of people and environmental places.

Pursue my biomimicry learning journey with the lessons of Nature for a better communication and evolution of a new consciousness.

Be inspired as much as inspire an ethical vision of unicity between humans, Nature and animals around the world.

And keep the dreams alive as a child to live the mindfulness, that the dolphins revitalized inside my heart with a true spiritual experience…

Pascal Bétrémieux

  …is the Dolphin spirit within the Man in his Life mission.

A journey and spiritual quest as an individual to benefit the collective, in all the forms that experiences of the « possible » with wild and free animal interaction in the most amazing spots of our Nature, can reveal.
This website wears the permanent marks of my « rebirth » that took place for a first immersion in 2010, to share an aquatic dance and lesson with the most unexpected guides: dolphins.
This kind of shamanic inter-species encounter represents one of the many keys on Earth, that opens up a new field of consciousness, an openness of heart, a true unconditional Love, a feeling to live the present moment and to reconnect with the child inside.
That Joy that gives these great vibrations that we do recognize from deep down and yet, somehow remains hushed and judged in a world ruled by norms.

Today more than ever, our Mother Earth absorbs painfully the consequences of our paradoxes towards this Nature, its beings and non human persons(1) that inspire us.
These dolphins just like the incredible animal kingdom on our planet, are giving us a chance - by biomimetic – to reconnect with our intuitive intelligence.
And like the vibratory connection of the baby with his mother’s aquatic bubble, to remember this feeling of Unity that we have forgotten…

An experience that is being shared to create a synergy of communication for you to expand knowledge and personal development…

(1) In 2013, India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests Declares Dolphins & Whales As “Non-Human Persons”, Dolphin Shows Banned.


Article « La Voix du Nord » - August 2015

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Next conference (in French) « Aquanha – Daily Life with the dolphin energy » - Friday, 3rd June 2016 at « Jardin du Graal », Paris.

Nature and the animal kingdom are our co-partners on Earth, and at the same time offering this gift of living and playing Life through the learning lens of biomimetics. This is the living inspiration of these amazing living beings, linked to to a creative and loving energy that gives us an amazing chance to reveal ourselves. One of the many keys on this planet…
So this is the humble wish of this sharing time and concept : recreating this « delphinian timeless sphere » to sparkle or revive our inner flame. Feel alive in this unique and personal experience that can create the internal shocking wave towards the evolution of global consciousness.



“An aquatic inspiration on Earth”

…is an “aquaty” or aquatic inspiration on Earth in our contemporary Life,
oriented towards the freedom of our spiritual quest to find our true nature.
Aquanha is meant to be a window into discovery and knowledge through
one of the four elements that is Water, covering 71% of our Planet.

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Born in Valenciennes on June 12th 1965. Geminis are a mix of the yin and the yang, and the path of life was meant to embrace all paradoxes. Therefore with my free will in this Life, I chose to embrace also the synergy of my Air sign with the Water.

A first touching moment with captive dolphins occured at the age of 5, which will remain in a timeless zone of my brain along with an atypical route to emerge much later during a magical and exceptional emotional swim in 2010.
The interaction, the lessons of Life, the communication in the Animal kingdom and Nature will take an unsuspected dimension with true consequences in my everyday life on all plans: human and spiritual.

My Path of Life has been facing the darkest part of the human and spirit experience, and provide this necessary anchoring to appreciate, express and understand this dimension in which we live in. That very one that created the essence of my website.

Two words resonnate perfectly to me today: « FREE » to « DIVE » into the depth of Life experiences in this world: so be prepare for your FREEDIVING…




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