Like dolphins, exploring our intuitive potential of life by intuitive biomimicry with our natural surrounding environment.

Live your true nature

Life pulse

Explore beyond the factual limits, what unconditionally offer Nature, the animal kingdom, and to play the game of life just like dolphins. Share out this ocean life real experience or in conferences, through the emotional impact resulting of this inside and outside transformations.

I guide people swimming with wild dolphins, develop intuitive biomimicry, explore interspecies communication , among other projects.


Interspecies communication with wild dolphins

Experience an ethical and intuitive encounter with wild dolphins of Sataya, Egypt.



Method of exploration, learning of our intuitive potential in tune with the rhythm and symbiosis of our environment.


Connected cap ®

Scientifical project on interspecies communication, and its neurological and physiological impacts on the human body.


Expeditions 2021

Ethical swim with wild dolphins
Pre Booking

Interspecies I/O 2020

Interspecies communication workshop
July 2020


A family album to recognize non-human beings

A week in 2021 in personalized group, scientifical or ecovolunteering can be organized. Please contact me personally by email for the opportunities.


Swimming with wild dolphins in Sataya with Pascal opened my heart, re-connected myself with my soul and my feminity...
Claudia B.
Lens, Switzerland
Sataya lagoon has this intense and magical energy… But the encounter with the dolphin is really an extraordinary journey itself...
Marlyse N.
Lausanne, Switzerland
I came to encounter sea creatures from the sea. And I actually ended up discovering beings of a « different world », that helped me opening up to myself and to others, like I never felt before...
Mireille D.
Lausanne, Switzerland

A video clip as a symbol

Thanks to Nettwerk music group support, I could create and edit this tribute to dolphins and our blue planet, with this great song of their true artist Christina Perri, that I love and kinda says it all: « Only human ». A key question underlying it: what does it mean to be human?…

Good practice guide of life projects exploration


Aquanha Conferences

« Aquanha » conferences share these interspecies encounters around the blue planet with cetaceans, through the intuitive biomimicry concept. But it is also a wider vision of unity of all these experiences, lessons of life consciously applied into your life with the scientifical, neuroscientifical and acoustical researches in the animal and vegetal kingdom.

My quotes & inspirations

Worldwide interspecies & wildlife encounters

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