Code of Ethics

1. Keep at the heart of all exploration, all experiences and all forms of communication, a child’s soul and the love of all forms of life.

2. Learn to feel intuitively your inner answers and your pulse of life. Integrate and develop your unique environment of sensory perception through your experiences, biomimicry, encounters, inner and outer explorations of unity by the triad Nature-Human-Animal.

3. Play the game of life: meaning with respect of life and our differences through encounters, researches, new paradigms and communication.

4. Integrate the idea that each experience and result is unique by the fact of the unicity of the above stated triad, the unicity of the environment, encounters, the personal history of the beings involved, and by the fact of the specific influence of the interaction/observation. And by all means, no information can be generalized or extrapolated in any forms or general theory, but still remain a possible fact of the present moment observed.

5. Respect and ethically act during each encounter, at all levels of the human and/or interspecies relation, in a framework and pace that finds a balance for all parties involved. And from there, bring a creative and respectuous part to push boundaries of the research and life investigation.

6. Participate and contribute individually and collectively as a smooth wave, to the sustainability, integrity and balance of the natural environments, ecosystems
and of their inhabitants.

7. Create a network of partnerships for the development, research, human and animal communication through conferences, neuroscientific and scientific projects…

8. Give preference to wildlife encounters for a real interactive experience inspired by freedom.

9. Embrace in each and every act, our imperfections, and our paradoxes to grow and open up the vision of who we are in its whole being, to best live a true experience.

10. Be inspired by the sense of « unity » in its core meaning of balance, to create a possible understanding of all limitation aspects of duality and opposition of all themes and topics addressed. An example to blend together both the scientifically proved theories and field experimentation. Both being able to sparkle a mutual enrichment.

11. Experiences and researches results are meant to be shared in a personal copyrighted form, recognizing the intellectual property laws, experimental and intellectual property rights.