My passion and

A few words on the surface

An atypical journey, a multi-level temporal memory, a playful vision of life, big fan of the real dark chocolate, mysterious according to close friends, fascinated by consciousness and neurosciences, and Blue is definitively my favorite color.

Key moments of my journey

A picture telling a thousand words, these are key moments of my life journey…

Understand who I am

During a trip in Mexico in 2010, Pascal Bétrémieux had this moment with fate when encountering the dolphins that would change his life.

This intense and magical moment transformed him in many ways, shaking the emotional core, a new paradigm of understanding on the human, his ways of communication and place in this world.
Dolphins bring us back to a fundamental and essential state. Crossing their swim is an invitation to a new awareness.

« Since my first moment among dolphins, all synchronicities of my path have converged pieces of a giant puzzle. A journey that has vanished the inconsistencies of my spirit, mind wandering that has limited my perceptions of life events. And just out of a timeless moment as part of dolphins pods, I had recognized their gift to ease the mind, doubts, present disconnected thoughts to let the intense and natural joy out.
How our consciousness, our brain and memory works can be so fluent , and still today deeply studied as a complex mechanism from a wide range of sciences to figure out the types and layers of codes. »
underlines Pascal Bétrémieux.

Pascal likes to quote this inspiration from the Persian poet Rumi, simple and yet rich of deep knowledge: « You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop ».

In 2015, Pascal Bétrémieux decided to create DOLHOM to share this outstanding experience, give humanity a chance to connect with nature, and at the same time better understand wild dolphins and their world, know them to feel the positive impact they have on humans.

Out of these numerous insights, awakened in him the natural drive to raise awareness on the respect and preservation of their freedom and environment.