Expeditions 2022 – 2023: 7 days / Swim with wild dolphins in the Red Sea, Sataya (Egypt)

2020 and 2021 have been very particular years for humanity, and a true life lesson totally linked with what intuitive biomimicry can unveil: feeling the  what our impact towards Nature, shrinking wildlife territories and as a consequence the adaptation at all levels of the animal kingdom, and our mimicry reaction to those changes, such as viruses. More than ever, the understanding of the world as an ecosystemic realm, is vital to find a fair balance with our natural environment. So we decided to cancel the remaining trips end of the year, although possible and we apologize to all the people registered. But this would have required a non natural adaptation, away from the true interspecies encounters that we believe must be experienced as we ethically commit to. 

So… let’s all connect positively towards 2023 with two weeks I highly recommend in june and november, where I should join a couple of friends – Laurence and Pascal CASAGRANDE – under a thematic that I support in fitting intuitively the lessons of life from dolphins, and the knowledge of their fascinating world:

Thematic: « Dolphins Rhythm and animal communication »  – another joyful adventure shared again this year with Laurence Casagrande

Date: 27th may – 4th june 2023 (sold out)

Cost: 1665 Euros (all included / except flight tickets)

For 2023 2nd semester -2024 , please contact me.

More than ever, the worldwide events are unfolding a new path and gives us this chance to live our true nature and respect all living beings in symbiosis. The game of Life is filled with a multiple emotions, experiences, encounters and therefore chances to reconnect with this Nature, and dare taking the plunge at the core of who we really are. This 2022-2023 period will be inspired by the interspecies communication project around soundscape with BLUE lingua association, and the importance of sounds on earth and underwater.

Sataya is an amazing lagoon on this sacred Egypt. It offers us a real chance to experience a unique moment of connection with dolphins, that creates a synergy and a deep lesson of Life. The ethical approach with the wild dolphins is based on their willingness to welcome us.

Each experience of life is unique, like every single being on this blue planet. And this unicity can reveal itself the jewel within us in what the dolphins can trigger inside each and everyone of us. This « dance of life » is part of an inherent rythmic and synchrony of our environment, the impulse to help us find back our « true nature ».

Rhythm, dance and sound vibration … are all connected in a musical sheet that must find its balance to vibrate in synchrony both individually and collectively  (intra & interspecies). All these keys will open a new or refreshed vision of life  with knowledge shared during the week in the lagoon.

Aquanha represents this aquatic guidance, co-creative and intuitive, this immersion to discover the biomimicry potential in observing, through action and interaction. Experiment this widen vision of the possibilities and potential of the water, sounds emitted by the dolphins and their unexplained gift to open hearts and make your cells vibrating to re-connect with the child inside.

Each week, each encounter is exceptionally different…

You can leave a message would you have any question, clarification on this experience of a lifetime.

Synchronicities will do their job in 2023 to bring you and the “pod” that is meant to live and share all together each experience as unique.

Aquatically always,
Pascal Bétrémieux