Personality cards of Sataya dolphins:

A family album…

If ever there are questions relating to why having created ID cards or rather « personality cards » of Sataya dolphins, the answer would be coloured by an evidence, a joy of re-experiencing the interactions through video screening, or the certainty to create this database to share collectively the similarities that these non-human beings have with us: human beings.

The delicate balance of what we live is unfolding at every moment, in relation with today’s world. I would say actually in our own world, our unique environment due to our own uniqueness, our own history that meets continually another one. And in the middle, something we actually do not have any control over: the heart of this encounter.
The theory of the observation with the experience… The intuition with the knowledge… to swim in neutral waters and find this vital balance becoming then an evidence.

Swimming with wild dolphins contains the same ingredients, with a boosted factor in the intensity of what is lived of true and authentic for dolphins and us. Every single animal including the human being, possesses its own biological, social characteristics, or genetic, developing its own perceptions.

These exceptional moments, and snapshots of communication are a microcosm of life where alchemy reveals its lessons of life which I have been sharing the concept through « intuitive biomimicry ».

In what differentiates us between humans and animals, this nonverbal communication creates a mechanism of development of the senses in both sides of the relationship. And on this creative basis, these ID cards are going to convoy with all the people that has been living the experience in the Red Sea among dolphins, to personalize and recognize each and every individuality revealed during these filmed interactions. This vision must be globally shared.

The basis of interaction built purposely on this database, was voluntary and in connection with the way I experienced – as well as the persons present – the encounters, with a tone of dance, playful spirit and exploratory mind-set which allowed to live this privileged bonding of communication with every single dolphin.

Our perception of the world is our strength and our weakness at the same time, to allow us to live this interaction in a balanced triptych nature-human-animal. It is also a chance to learn to integrate wildlife lessons into our everyday life.

An interspecies relation to discover who we really are. A family album to extend this rising awareness with a true sense of gratitude…


« The gratitude is the memory of the heart » – Lao-Tsé

A few « personality cards » of wildlife interactions with dolphins of Sataya. Would you be interested with the complete document, please contact me.