« Swimming with wild dolphins in Sataya with Pascal opened my heart, re-connected myself with my soul and my feminity.
I was part of a “free” dolphin pod and dived into a crystal sea, filled with unconditional love.
(…) His sensitivity touched us and we naturally wish to swim with him in the deep blue sea, to be part of the marine mammal family to which he truly have a caring passion for.
Sharing with him such magical encounters was a true blessing and I do wish everyone to share such a joyful experience. »
Claudia B.​
Lens, Switzerland

« I left Switzerland with a little fear, and never ever imagined I would come back transformed!
Sataya lagoon has this intense and magical energy… But the encounter with the dolphin is really an extraordinary journey itself. To see and feel these amazing beings so close sparkled wonders and an immense excitement.
(…) I have carved in my memory this very special moment with one adult dolphin. Kind of disconcerting, he stood still in front of me like standing vertically like me, and staring at me like scanning me though from head to toes. He was three meters away from.
The gift from life was that particular day where, I was swimming next to Pascal.
(…) That moment lasted a few seconds but I truly felt it like a timeless connected moment. As if he knew that I came here to meet him right there. My heart was pounding wildly and I found myself placing my hands to my heart. It was a truly unforgettable moment. (…) I will never forget it as since that day, my vision of life totally changed.
I will come back very soon as I know now that they guide wisely my understanding of life, love and joy. I am truly myself when being with them… »
Marlyse N.​
Lausanne, Switzerland​

« I came to encounter sea creatures from the sea. And I actually ended up discovering beings of a “different world”, that helped me opening up to myself and to others, like I never felt before.
(…) Among the dolphins, I felt my heart beating intensely, like expanding and filling with joy. An intense joy that was bonding myself with of the human pod present in Sataya.
Pascal guided me through this discovery of a different world of Love. A world were it felt all connected naturally, and where I was conscious of existing and be part of a whole, the big blue. There is no words to describe it. Dolphins had me finding myself on this path of life… »
Mireille D.​
Lausanne, Switzerland​